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Month: October 2015


In furtherance of the N8 Foundation’s goal of driving research to ultimately defeat DIPG, using funds raised from past fundraising events, the N8 Foundation fully funded a full-time research position at Stanford focusing entirely on DIPG!  Since we are funding 100% of the position, they even named the position after our foundation – The N8 Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship in DIPG Research!

In October, our board traveled to Stanford to visit the lab and meet the team.  While there, we were able to see the live cell lines that the doctors and researchers were able to establish from Nathan’s tumor.  While it was extremely difficult to see these tumor cells from Nathan still “thriving” and growing in a petri dish, it was also reaffirming and comforting to us to know that even though he is gone, he is still leading the fight to find a cure for this horrible disease.  In fact, we learned during our visit that in the time since he passed, the cells had multiplied into the millions and the team was actively shipping them (free of charge) to other research labs and facilities all over the world, including as far as Europe and Australia.  Amazing!!!

Thank you Dr. Michelle Monje and her team!



Stanford Lab

N8 Foundation Board Member Named as a Member of National Pediatric Oncology Patient & Caregiver Clinical Trial Advisory Board

N8 Foundation Vice President and CEO, Nick Street, was recently selected to participate as a member of the Pediatric Oncology Patient & Caregiver Clinical Trial Advisory Board through Genentech, Inc., a national biotechnology company who focuses on pediatric cancer research.  You can learn more about Genentech and its recent projects in pediatric cancer research here.

The Board will hold its first meeting in Washington D.C. on November 12-13, 2015.  The purpose of the Board is to help biotechnology companies, such as Genentech, (1) understand the challenges and motivations of pediatric cancer patients (and their parents), (2) better understand how to address their needs in Phase I/II clinical trials, and (3) to discover and define clinical trial services and tools that may be helpful to patients and parents.

UPDATE:  The trip/meeting was a success – and quite a learning experience!  We even got to take in the sights around the City (for a few hours) before jumping back on the plane and heading back home.  Thank you Genentech!  Looking forward to all of the promising developments in the future!