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Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Meeting in Portland, OR

We just finished a LONG day of meetings here at the conference in Portland, Oregon (7am – 9pm to be exact). I must say, we are so honored to have been among some of the most brilliant and compassionate Dr.’s and scientists from around the world who have dedicated their careers to Pediatric Brain Tumors. It is no secret from the collaboration between the non-profits and these doctors that we are all dedicated to our children and teens diagnosed with Pediatric Brain Tumors. Discussions of treatments, trials, biopsy options, quality of life and the need for funding were all heated and debated topics throughout the day. I have always commended and thanked these brilliant minds for choosing this path of care and research for our children because, in my mind, I didn’t choose this and never would have thought that my family would have been affected by this disease. But my reality – turned into a nightmare and I choose to be in it now, I choose this fight no matter how difficult it can be. There is so much to digest from today, but the bottom line…I know what we are doing is making a difference and I will forever be thankful to the community of doctors, scientists, families, and survivors who continue to dedicate their lives to Pediatric Brain Tumors. #N8Foundation #PediatricBrainTumorFoundation #DIPG #KyrieFoundation #MeghanRoseBradleyFoundation #BeBraveforLife #MithilPrasadFoundation